Sunday, February 3, 2008

February 3

Today we all went for a bike ride down the street at at a campground on Lake Lanier. The campground has been closed for two years now due to federal funding issues, but it is a great place to go walk or ride since it is fairly flat and there is no traffic. We stopped at one point and walked down to the lake. The significance of this picture is we are walking where there should be water. Lots of water. The lake is down 20 feet. The good news is that the lake ihas risen approximately 5 feet since the end of November. Thats my family way over yonder in the distance...

February 2

Lesson number one during project 365...make sure to post more often than every 10 days or so. It's hard to go back and remember what the intent of the pics you took were. I am skipping ahead to February 2. My daughter participated in Mathfest. She did not want to but she did. She ended up placing third (out of first graders only). She will be going on the participate in the National Math Fest Competition in Atlanta. This is here with her certificate.

January 27

My little guy!

January 26

Ok--so I had to reach. This picture a day stuff is more challenging than you may think.

January 25

Work Piling Up...

January 24

Building Blocks

January 23

He's just watching the herbs grow....

January 22

Good Medicine

January 21

Pugsley the dog...