Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog - NWF Green Hour

Ok. As a family who would prefer to be outside rather than inside this (Blog - NWF Green Hour)is very disheartening. Go ahead click on it and read it.

So far we have not had to go to the dictionary to look up any nature words, I guess because we have always spent so much time out doors my kids just seem to know what everything is....that and the nature magazines they have received since they were about 2. But can you imaging city dwellers who do not have the access to the outdoors like us? I cannot even fathom!

A new project we are starting this month is picking a bud on a tree or bush and documenting its life cycle from now until fall (idea from green through pictures and sketches. My guess is Phoenix will want to draw everything and Griffin will want to photography it, will be interesting how this plays out.