Friday, August 8, 2014

Stitch Fix Friday Review

Seriously Guys.  I received my 4th Stitch Fix Box and I think I'm still as in love with this service as when I first started.  First, it totally reduces my need to go to the stores, thereby reducing my stress level.    I hate, hate, hate shopping.   Secondly, I'm wearing styles, cuts and colors (and loving them) that I would have walked right past in the store.   And, even though I do not get things on sale or at "a good deal" (which to me is relative anyways) it's totally worth the money.

For those of you who do not know what Stitch Fix is, it is a monthly styling service.  You can have a fix sent to you as often as you want (or not).  There is a $20 styling fee, however, if you keep anything from your fix, the fee is subtracted from the cost of whatever you decide to keep. You can have a fix delivered as often as every 2-3 weeks to every two or three months. I choose to have one sent to me monthly.   But it is so exciting to receive that box every month.  It is almost like Christmas.

Onto my review.  

Hourglass Lilly Adan Geo Printed Shift Dress, $58
I took this thing out of the box and said, no way, this thing is never going to look good on my figure.  Its just blahhh..  I wish it would fit, its cute and ultra stylish but there is no way.   Nothing this cute looks good on me.  

Hourglass Lily Adan Geo Printed Dress

Hourglass Lily Adan Geo Printed Dress
 I fell in love with this dress on.  It fit me perfectly.  And it can be dressed up for work or down for a casual day out.  Loved, loved, loved it.  Definitely a keeper.  Oh and Bonus, MADE IN TH USA people.

Next up was a 41 Hawthorn Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte Dress, $78.    Again, I pulled it out and was not crazy about the material or the price, that alone would have turnee me off from even trying it on in the store.  But I tried it on anyways.  Again, I loved it.   The material is a very light Ponte, perfect for hot Texas Summers.  And the dress itself was flattering.  Initially it was a maybe....
41 Hawthorn Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte dress

41 Hawthorn Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte dress

41 Hawthorn Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte dress

 The next item was a 41 Hawthorn Montgomery Chevron Cross Front Top $48.00,  Anything cross top is probably going to be a big YES for me.  I have a waist and the cross fronts draw attention to that waist.  This shirt did not disappoint at all.   The material, again is light enough for hot Texas summers, yet durable enough to last a couple of  of years.   Oh..and people..MADE IN THE USA.
41Hawthorn Montgomery Chevron Cross Front Top

41Hawthorn Montgomery Chevron Cross Front Top

The Laila Jayde Zabaleta Boat Neck Striped Knit shirt,$48.00 was another item I pre judged.  I do not typically like boat necks or crew necks, and faithfully stick with scoop necks and V Necks.  But when I put it on, I surprisingly liked the fit.  I'd normally go for something a little more fitted, but this adds a nice variety to my collection of shirts.  It turned out being a keeper for the variety it gave me  but also because it was MADE IN THE USA.
Laila Jayde Zabaleta Boat Neck Striped Knit Shirt

The next item was a cross body tote by Urban  Expressions for $68.  Its big, its neutral and I really needed a new purse so I put it in the keep pile.

Now the color block dress was originally a maybe, but since I liked it and if I kept everything I would get a 25% discount.  Although my discount was $8 shy of getting the dress for free I think it was totally worth it.  All 5 items came to $230, or less than $45 an item.  I am not sure if you kept track of the made in the USA items.  There were THREE.  Three out of five items.  There is no way if I spent all day in the malls shopping intentionally looking for made in the USA items I would have found three.  And, in my household Made in the USA warrants a few extra bucks, that is were I feel a "good deal" is relative.

The other benefit for me is that I find myself going back to my same old styles and blah neutral colors, the go to stuff that made me feel safe and comfortable when I weighed 270 lbs.  The stylists read my comments (which have said..give me color) and provided me with my styles a little out of my normal comfort zone, and I am loving it.  

Want to try stitch fix, then please use my referral link below.  If you use it I get a $25.00 credit.

Hugs and Blessings