Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clubs Scrap June 2013 Hopes Blog Hop

I am so glad you found your way to my blog.   I love participating in these blog hops, but boy I do not think I could ever live in the publishing world with hard and fast deadlines.  I have a whole new healthy respect for the folks who put together our kits every month.  I cannot imagine all the deadlines, Scrap Rap deadline, ALSB deadlines, Kit art deadline, Project instruction deadline, shipping deadline...Oh my, deadlines galore!  

So what happens when there is a mail mishap and your Jr. Kit does not arrive.  You institute a back up plan.  I get digital so I will do a digital project for bloghop. What do you do on the Sunday before the blog hop and go to download your digital kit (with grand intentions of a couple layouts and some hybrid cards) only to discover, as usual, you have failed to download the kit in the past 20 days and your access has expired, AND you have to go to Louisiana for work the next day (I swear I should start paying taxes there).  You email Karen and back out (for the third month in a row).   Then what do you do when Karen saves the day and reloads your kit, but you know you will only have about 2 hours the day before scheduled post to throw together a digital project (did I mention I am digitally inept) and write a blog before going to bed because you have to be up at 3:30 in the morning Wednesday for swim practice, you say ah what the hay...I'll do it.

Then what do you do when you sit down the night before the deadline and your screen keeps going in and out because the video card is on its last leg....YOU PANIC.

I got through it, but my grand idea of a couple layouts and a few hybrid cards did not come to fruition.

Since I am hopelessly behind on Weekly Chronicles, I decide to just throw together a quickie layout (well it would have been quick....but there was that whole video card fiasco) that encompasses one of June's Club Scraps weekly chronicle theme....Hopes which conveniently corresponds with this months Club Scrap kit theme.  

I asked my daughter when she was fresh from Church Camp what her hopes were.  Short and sweet:

  • To have three kids
  • To be a missionary
  • To get a scholarship to college
  • To be an artist

I did not use a template, I am trying my hardest to branch out into digital and take the training wheels off, no whiz bang stuff fore me yet, but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

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