Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Club Scrap Reunion Blog Hop

Welcome to the December edition of Club Scrap's Blog Hop.

If you happened upon me, please do yourself a huge favor and start at the beginning at Club Scraps Blog and explore all the talented Artists who are participating in this months blog.  You can find the Club Scrap blog here:

It's been a while since I have been able to participate in one of these.   I am so glad I had a chance to this month.  I have been playing, playing, playing in my craft room.

I did two projects this month.   First I want to show you how easy Club Scraps coordinated kits can make throwing together a tribute album.

 I have been wanting to make a tribute Album for my mom for a little over a year now, and life kept getting int he way.   I had taken Big Picture Classes Tribute Album Class while back and the one thing those folks are so good at is the coordinated look.   I have about zero capability of throwing together colors and and patterns and other elements to pull a theme together.   That's where Club Scrap comes in.

To get the content of the album I invited all our family (aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters etc) to contribute memories about my mom, or their favorite things.  I also invited a few of mine and my brothers friends who she "took in" (sometimes literally) in their teenage or college years to contribute.    The images and colors and sentiments that came with the Club Scrap's Reunion kit were a perfect fit for the feelings and sentiments I wanted to convey to my mom.  I kept it very simple, no major embellishments on the pages, just a background page, a photo matte and a coordinated strip between the photo and the memory.  Here are just a few of the pages.

In Hindsight a gnome would have been a perfect addition to this page

Finally I put together a cover and a dedication page using Reunion Elements:

It is just so easy to put together something that looks so amazing using the coordinated items Club Scrap puts together for  us.  I love that they are so talented so I do not have to be, but it looks like I am.

My next project was inspired by a project I saw in the magazine Cloth, Paper Scissors Nov/Dec issue by an artist named Geri deGruy.   You can check out her page here:

The project was a mixed media mosaic using paper.  I thought it would be fun to create a grouping of these  and hang in my craft room.

I used the following:

  • Grafix double  tack mounting film
  • Several different sheets of paper from the Reunion collection
  • The sand that came in the Club Scrap by the sea shore kit a long long long time ago  
  • Gold Micro Beads
  • 6x6 wrapped canvas
For my first creation I basically copied the artists sunburst design she demonstrated in the magazine.   I cut a 3" circle out if reunion red and cut it into wedges.  From the remaining papers I cut long thing triangles of varying lengths.

Before placing on the tack paper, I played around with a design on a 6"x6" piece paper, when I was happy with it I cut a sheet of double tack film to 6"x6".   I peeled off  the protective paper from one side of the double tack film and then laid out my design on the sticky side.

 When I was finished laying out all my paper pieces, I poured the sand in the empty spaces, this created the mosaic effect.

I then trimmed off thepeices hanging off the 6" x 6" paper.

Here is the close up of the sand "grout"

I spray painted the edges of my wrapped canvas gold and then tore off the remaining film and adhered my creation to my canvas

I created a second piece after running to the store to purchase gold microbeads (since I did not have any) thinking I might like that  look better.    I also switched up the "sun" part but stuck with the sun burst design for fluidity.  Here is the second piece (sorry about photos, it was dark outside so I had to shoot indoors)

This was a fun fun project.  I encourage you to try using your paper for projects like these every once in a while.

You have reached the end of this month's blog hop.

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Join us next month when we will be featuring the Kit Constellations.  

Happy Crafting.