Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mid Year Goal Check

Well 26 weeks of 2014 are completed and done.  In the beginning of the year I set some fitness goals, looking at them now they were pretty lofty.  But I wanted to check where I was on all these.   

For the most part I am on track.  I am not going to meet all my original goals for several reasons, the big one = Half Ironman Training.  That takes precedence over everything else.  I cannot jeopardize my training. And thats ok.  I really had never set any fitness goals in my life, well once, and it was basically something like this "Move your body 3 times a week".  But that simple goal put me well on my way to my new found running habit.   

Below are my goals with a summary of where I am.  

  • I want to run a total of 800 miles this year.  That is a little over 15 miles a week
    • Well I am not on track with this one.  And to be honest, I do not think I can make it to 800 miles, I would now have to run an average of 21 miles a week.  With my ironman training this is not  realistic.  An alternate goal would be to run twice as many miles as last year.  Last year I ran 274 total miles, this year I am already at 253.06.   Goal adjusted to run 550 miles this year.  
  • I want to bike 1500 miles this year.  That is a little over 25 miles per week.
    • Ive ridden 382 miles.  This is another one that may be in jeopardy,  however, I am not ready to give up on this one yet.  With 25 weeks left in year thats 44 miles a week, and I have some heavy distance weeks coming up with ironman training.  I have also invested in a magnetic trainer for my bike, meaning when it turns too cold, I can ride on my bike inside.  Yay!
  • I want to swim 115,000 yards this year.   That's 4500 yards over a span of 25 weeks.  
    • Ive completed 30,055 yards so far.  This one is totally achievable especially since I have 25 weeks left in year.   It is totally achievable   if I do not stop swimming in October like I did last year, total lesson learned.  Swimming is the bardest one for me to stick to and I cannot slack off or just totally stop in the winter.
  • I want to complete a half marathon (scheduled Jan 25 2014)
    • Three completed already.  Goal Met!
  • Want to complete an ultra relay race (Ragnar Relay Scheduled Feb 20-21 2013)
    • Done
  • I want to complete a Half Ironman (scheduled in April but rescheduling to Austin in Oct)
    • Currently training for.  Nothing can stop me but injury.
  • I want to participate in at least 12 running races (7 already scheduled and paid for)
              I have actually completed 11 already.  I will definitely make this goal.
    • DRC January Race 10K
    • Polar Dash 14 miles
    • Too Cold To Hold 10 Mile
    • Ragnar Relay 
    • Cowtown Half Marathon
    • Dash Down Greenville 5k
    • Tal Morrisson Classic 5k
    • OKC Memorial Marathon Relay
    • Jemez Mountain Half Marathon Trail Race
    • Wounded Warrior Half Marathon
    • Must Dash 5k
  • I want to participate in 6 triathlons, of which at least two are the Olympic Distance
    • Have not even completed  in one, and not sure if 6 is realistic with half ironman training which must take precedence.  If  I were to complete 6 these would be it, but training  (and finances) will dictate:
      • TWU pioneer power sprint (this is a definite, it will be Phoenix's first and I want to do it with her-July 27)
      • River Cities (registered and meeting a friend, August 3)
      • Take on Heat (Aug 17)
      • Old College Tri (another phoenix race, 09/07)
      • Tri Fecta Olympic (this is a good run through for Austin (Sept 14)
      • Austin 70.3