Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful...for green beans, orange juice and Stacie (and so much more)!

So its the season to be Thankful, I am so thankful for so many things, even the simple things, like coffee and half and my half and half with a little bit of coffee! Thankful for my husbands hands, I probably cannot even begin to describe how many thousands of dollars a year those hands save our household, there is not a repair out there he will not attempt to fix himself whether it is on the car or the house before paying a service man to come out and fix it (unless it is illegal, ie fixing a home air conditioner cause he does not have a freon license). Gotta love those big clunky hands of his. Thankful for my friend Lori, here in Texas, and her family. Never in a million years could you have told me after not seeing each other (or talking to each other) in 25 years (last time in Orlando..high school..EEK!) that we would be in the same state, Texas of all states, and just as close, if not closer as we were back then. I am quite sure GOD put her and her family here for me and my family so we would not be so alone we we got here. Thankful that our house in Georgia is occupied, and rented, and being cared for by friends instead of strangers. I am thankful for those friends. Thankful God has seen fit to continue to bless me and my family with both my parents..and my brother. Wish we were all closer. Thankful for Chris's mom, who, well she loves me like I was her own daughter, and puts up with my control freakiness so well. excited...are you ready? I am especially thankful today for, especially the ones I receive, and homemade, and from my cousin, yeah, the cousin who is like a sister to me (oh yeah, I am incredibly thankful for her too). Here is the card I got in the mail yesterday from her, it came totally out of left field. You see, I am kind of high maintenance, and I have been hounding her for years, I mean YEARS people, to send me something...anything in the mail. I even made her some stationary to make it a little easier. And it finally arrived (but she made her own card, instead of using mine...bonus)! YAY! It was worth the wait.

I loved getting that card. I love her! She is the one person in this world, that no matter where we are, or what we are doing, we laugh together so hard all the time. And no matter what, nothing or anyone will ever get in the way of our friendship! Here are some pics of her and me.
                                        So...the picture how it really is between us!
                                       And this is soooooooo Stacie....this was a good memory!

Oh and speaking of thankful, one of my most favoritest (it is a word, I just made it up) and cherished Thanksgiving memories of all time involves her, green beans and orange juice. I miss her

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time marches on..

Can we say crazy week..beginning with a speeding ticket...yes a speeding ticket. So mad cause I never saw the cop, but I did notice I was speeding and slowed down, he pulled me over good 2-3 minutes later...cut me a break dude..I did the right thing..ugh!

So process from speeding ticket to a two day trip to Lousiana, only to return to work to quite a bit of negative press in LA about what it is I do there...oh well..still love my job.

And now thanksgiving is breathing down my back. Time just marches on, I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving already. So thankful we are all together as a little family this year, so even if we are not surrounded bu a few other people, which seems more normal to me, I am still going to savor every moment.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Friday

I get to spend my Fridays off in my kids classrooms (How lucky am I!). I am working on personal yearbooks with each class. So my first Friday off I take photos and the second Friday we scrap and journal them. At the end of the year they will have their own personal yearbook to take home, and mom and dad get a glimpse into their school day.

Today was the school's second six weeks awards ceremony. The theme was Homecoming. Every six weeks the school celebrated the children's achievement with a big awards ceremony with a theme and the kids get to dress up according to the theme. They hand out Math, Science, Ready, Social Studies, most improved and Citizenship Awards. It is one of the things I feel the school does good.

As I mentioned, the theme this six weeks was Homecoming. As part of the Homecoming Celebration the University of North Texas Cheerleaders and a handful of football players, along with the coach came for a pep rally. The UNT coach spoke to the kids about dreams, work ethic and good grades. Then the players got down on the floor and sat with the kids and talked with them, and shared their awards. Very gracious of them. It made the kids feel incredibly special and important.

Today, Griffin earned a science award, as well as perfect attendance, but he was most proud of his science award. I must say, I am secretly thrilled that both my kids take after me in the math and science category, they both love the subjects and are good at them.

In her awards ceremony, Phoenix earned the all A honor roll. My kids rock, and I am so insanely proud of them!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween and other Stuff

I admit, I soo use Facebook as a crutch. I post all photos of the kids there as a way to keep people informed, but realize now not everyone uses Facebook like some of us do. So I am re-establishing the blog. Now, admittedly, I do great with this darn blog thing from November to around early February, then something happens. So I am just going to go with the flow.

We have started our second year in Texas, still not so committed to Texas but I will say, as predicted, after a year it has grown on us a little more. I love my job, and more importantly the people I work with, and that makes all the difference in the world. So I am so grateful that God lead me to this position, and to top it off, for the first time in a long time Chris is actually in a position that has tremendous income and professional growth. He is in the middle of NAPA accelerated management program and should finish up in a few months.

Now onto Halloween, last year I was hear alone with the kids so I took them to our Church's Trunk or Treat Celebration, which was a lot of fun. But this year they really wanted to trick or treat in the neighborhood. Which we did, and oh my goodness. I have not seen that many kids on the street since my days as a pre teen on the Navy base, and boy did they bring home a haul. They had a lot of fun. I stayed back to hand out candy and I ran out in 45 minutes flat, lessons learned for next year. As you can see Phoenix choose to be a snowy owl (OK I know the orange beak is confusing but we improvised) and Griffin was a vampire

SO now the CRAZY season starts, hopefully this year, with all of us together it will seem more like Christmas, Chris has already taken down the decorations so we can start seems to come earlier and earlier every year, but maybe we are in a rush since we were not together until December last year. Who knows.

Anyway, onto our Sunday activities. Have a blessed day everyone. Leave me a comment and let me know you were here.