Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Friday

I get to spend my Fridays off in my kids classrooms (How lucky am I!). I am working on personal yearbooks with each class. So my first Friday off I take photos and the second Friday we scrap and journal them. At the end of the year they will have their own personal yearbook to take home, and mom and dad get a glimpse into their school day.

Today was the school's second six weeks awards ceremony. The theme was Homecoming. Every six weeks the school celebrated the children's achievement with a big awards ceremony with a theme and the kids get to dress up according to the theme. They hand out Math, Science, Ready, Social Studies, most improved and Citizenship Awards. It is one of the things I feel the school does good.

As I mentioned, the theme this six weeks was Homecoming. As part of the Homecoming Celebration the University of North Texas Cheerleaders and a handful of football players, along with the coach came for a pep rally. The UNT coach spoke to the kids about dreams, work ethic and good grades. Then the players got down on the floor and sat with the kids and talked with them, and shared their awards. Very gracious of them. It made the kids feel incredibly special and important.

Today, Griffin earned a science award, as well as perfect attendance, but he was most proud of his science award. I must say, I am secretly thrilled that both my kids take after me in the math and science category, they both love the subjects and are good at them.

In her awards ceremony, Phoenix earned the all A honor roll. My kids rock, and I am so insanely proud of them!


scarekee said...

As you should be and I am very proud of them also. They are two wonderful kids.

Cheryl said...

Shona,I know you and Chris are very proud of Phoenix and Griffin because they both are very smart children,I am also very proud of them,Love Mimi!