Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful...for green beans, orange juice and Stacie (and so much more)!

So its the season to be Thankful, I am so thankful for so many things, even the simple things, like coffee and half and my half and half with a little bit of coffee! Thankful for my husbands hands, I probably cannot even begin to describe how many thousands of dollars a year those hands save our household, there is not a repair out there he will not attempt to fix himself whether it is on the car or the house before paying a service man to come out and fix it (unless it is illegal, ie fixing a home air conditioner cause he does not have a freon license). Gotta love those big clunky hands of his. Thankful for my friend Lori, here in Texas, and her family. Never in a million years could you have told me after not seeing each other (or talking to each other) in 25 years (last time in Orlando..high school..EEK!) that we would be in the same state, Texas of all states, and just as close, if not closer as we were back then. I am quite sure GOD put her and her family here for me and my family so we would not be so alone we we got here. Thankful that our house in Georgia is occupied, and rented, and being cared for by friends instead of strangers. I am thankful for those friends. Thankful God has seen fit to continue to bless me and my family with both my parents..and my brother. Wish we were all closer. Thankful for Chris's mom, who, well she loves me like I was her own daughter, and puts up with my control freakiness so well. excited...are you ready? I am especially thankful today for, especially the ones I receive, and homemade, and from my cousin, yeah, the cousin who is like a sister to me (oh yeah, I am incredibly thankful for her too). Here is the card I got in the mail yesterday from her, it came totally out of left field. You see, I am kind of high maintenance, and I have been hounding her for years, I mean YEARS people, to send me something...anything in the mail. I even made her some stationary to make it a little easier. And it finally arrived (but she made her own card, instead of using mine...bonus)! YAY! It was worth the wait.

I loved getting that card. I love her! She is the one person in this world, that no matter where we are, or what we are doing, we laugh together so hard all the time. And no matter what, nothing or anyone will ever get in the way of our friendship! Here are some pics of her and me.
                                        So...the picture how it really is between us!
                                       And this is soooooooo Stacie....this was a good memory!

Oh and speaking of thankful, one of my most favoritest (it is a word, I just made it up) and cherished Thanksgiving memories of all time involves her, green beans and orange juice. I miss her

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Cheryl said...

I loved this one,Shona! I hope Stacie and her family are doing well!Love Mimi