Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Club Scrap Trees Blog Hop

Welcome Welcome!  I love participating in these monthly blogs...but unfortunately I am logistically challenged.  If you hopped over here earlier and this post was nowhere to be found, I apologize! 

I totally loved the Trees kit this month.  I love all the kits, but I like LOVED the Trees Kit.  I had so many ideas but my travel schedule limited me so I used my kit to kill two birds with one stone, a blog hop project and a presentation for some altered stickpins Phoenix and I made for a swap.  

Speaking of altered stickpins, why am I just learning about these?  Love these!  And I've now used up all the remaining club scrap beads I had, I now want the bead cups to come back.  These little altered pins are great to use as embellishments on a Card or layout page. 

But back to what I made for the presentation for the pins.  Lots of my pins were colors that would go well with the trees printed paper.  I found instructions for a double slider matchbox that I loved and the first two presentations I made were just that, but I then remembered these are going in an envelope and probably wouldn't hold up well, but I loved the way they turned out!!

I found the instructions for these here :

Next I decided to make a tag holder of sorts, and  to just add a "trough" where I could stick the pins .  The trough has some adhesive back weatherstripping inside that I could just poke the pins in.  I am hoping these survive the envelope better. 

I had so much fun making the pins and the presentations!  And can't wait to work more with this beautiful kit.  Here's a sneak peak of our living room while P-nut and I were making the pins! 

She especially loved this because she is more of a jewelry maker than a paper crafter.  Right up her alley! 

Now hop on over to Debby's blog  and check out her creation.  And if you stumbled upon my blog you can start from the beginning at Club Scraps Blog