Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh how I dream of a white Christmas

Growing up we mostly lived in tropical locations, at least we lived in tropical locations from the time I was 4 when we moved to Hawaii until my dad retired in Orlando. So any Christmas memories I still have are of warm Christmases. Occasionally my dad would be transferring during the Christmas season and we would stop in Ohio en-route to visit family and get a small taste of snow and cold. When I married and settled in Fort Myers and started a family it seemed like every Christmas was warm. It never felt like Christmas when we were running around in shorts and swimming in the neighbor's pool. But, our relocation to Georgia three years ago promised the possibility of cold Christmases at the very least and even promised the slight chance for a white Christmas. Oh how I dream of a having a white Christmas....maybe one year!

Remembering what is good!

With a adverse and uncertain year gone by and the threat of another year just as bad as the previous approaching, I am reminded over and over again of the blessings God has poured out on me and my family. With the Christmas season here, I decided I wanted to reflect on the seasons and traditions, maybe even start a new one or two, to basically reflect on what is good in my life and the world right now, and journal it over the next month or so. There is nothing more promising than the Christmas season and the gift the first Christmas brought over 2000 years ago. So hopefully, this year and my little journal will serve as a current reminder of all that is good in my life and help me, and my family, remember that we are indeed blessed. I am taking 30 minutes each day, to relish the season and reflect on Christmases past, enjoy this year's Christmas, and and to dream about future Christmases.