Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time marches on..

Can we say crazy week..beginning with a speeding ticket...yes a speeding ticket. So mad cause I never saw the cop, but I did notice I was speeding and slowed down, he pulled me over good 2-3 minutes later...cut me a break dude..I did the right thing..ugh!

So process from speeding ticket to a two day trip to Lousiana, only to return to work to quite a bit of negative press in LA about what it is I do there...oh well..still love my job.

And now thanksgiving is breathing down my back. Time just marches on, I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving already. So thankful we are all together as a little family this year, so even if we are not surrounded bu a few other people, which seems more normal to me, I am still going to savor every moment.

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