Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 18th and 19th

Well for Friday the 18th I had a photo all picked out and ready to post when my daughter comes running in screaming Griffin is bleeding from the eye. I run outside and, although not from the eye itself, Griffin is bleeding pretty badly from a laceration above the eye. It obviously needed stitches. Him and the neighbor kids had been playing Superman, Griffin being Superman (I am not sure how that happened he is the smallest and the youngest), and the two neighbor boys were the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus. Superman was fighting both of them and there was a collision between two heads (more specifically Griffins head and the Green Goblin's teeth). A logn trip to the emergency room and five stitches later he was was ready to go. We arrived home around 11 pm. And Phoenix had fallen asleep waiting for use to get back. So, obviously I had to change the picture of the day to two of Griffins patched head and one of big sis asleep on the ottoman/couch in the family room.

On January 19th thebig story of the day was severe winter weather. We were expecting 4-6 inches of snow with significant accumulation. Although we did not see as much accumulation as expected it did snow all day. We let the kids go outside and try their hand at sledding with the neighbor kids. You see, snow is a big deal for our kids because they have lived most of their short lives in Florida, and this was the biggest snow event they have seen. So picture of the day is...well kids playing in the snow....


Julita said...
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Julita said...

Hi, nice reading your blog. Your kids are cute. So they must have enjoy the snow yesterday. Kids like to play around but do look after them.