Monday, February 15, 2010


We have been settling back into a routine of both of us working, it has taken some time but it is starting to work. It looks like Chris's schedule will be somewhat regular at 8-4:30 Everyday, which coincided with my schedule of 7-4:30. Yeah, it is the first time he has had awesome hours like that.

We have had some crazy weather over here. We got around 15 inches of snow in out 24 hours. The kids had two snowdays. I missed a day of work and Chris was late one morning because he would have slid out of the driveway on a big sheet of ice if he left before the sun came up. I had a chance both during the snow and the morning after to go out and take some pictures, and let me tell you, God rewarded me with some gorgeous results.

Griffin in snow.

Griffin in snow.

Phoenix and her snowman.

The kids.

Sledding on the lid of a rubbermaid container...they do not sell sleds in Texas.

Griffin Trekking up the "sledding hill"

Phoenix ever the poser

A shot of the greenspace area in our neighborhood.

Snowball fight.

The creek in the greenway, isn't it beautiful?

The kids.

A view from the front of our house.

A sculpture in the neighborhood, notice the palm trees.

Miss Phoenix

Me and kids.


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