Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Nook.

I so wanted an e-reader, but could not justify the expense.  Then one day my co-worker came in my office and said she got her kindle, not this particular co-worker is frugal and so I knew she likely did not fork over cash for a kindle so I asked her how she got it.  She replied, with Credit Card Points.  Light Bulb!  I have crdit card points, I checked, and I had more than enought to get enough Barnes and Noble Gift Certificated to get the color nook.  I texted Chris (guilty as charged, I knew he would never say no, nothing ever seems to much for him when it comes to me, so blessed!  and know it).   Asked what he thought about my scheme, he said go ahead, and I did.

It arrived, of course, while I was out of town.  I have to admit, I was not too sure at first, But after countless crossword puzzles later and a book later, I am satisfied.  The best things about my nook:

  • I do not have to run out to the store or library when I finish a book
  • I do not have to have a light on when I read in bed at night, and hence I do not have to wake up Chris at 3 am after I have fallen asleep with the light on and ask him to get up and turn the light off (spoiled, I know)
  • Unlimited daily crossword puzzle and sudoku puzzles..yeah
  • I am learning to play chess. 
Woo hoo! Yep, I am happy with my nook, especially since it did not cost me a dime!

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