Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year New Goals and a Flashback

Most people do throwback Thursdays, I started Flashback Friday a while ago (although not consistently) so I am going to continue with what I started. Today's flashback flashes back over a period of 4 years.

With New Years comes new goals.   But I really wanted to look back a little bit at where I have been and reflect.  2012 was spent taking care of health business by losing weight in an attempt to not only extend my life, but hopefully ensure my quality of life and mobility are top notch by the time I have grandchildren, I want to enjoy them.  2013 was spent well getting into lots shenanigans and finding new passions.  I am so sad I did not do a better job of documenting my journey in 2013 but I am planning on finding much more shenanigans to get myself and my family into, which is why I renamed the blog.  Soon it will have a new home, but one thing at a time.  

Although I have always been active on and off, it was very, very hard to be active at 270 lbs.   I incorporated running and biking into my fitness routine almost immediately when I embarked on my weight loss journey. This year I took it up a notch, not only by adding swimming, but also by trying to add distance to my runs and improving my pace.  It was not always an easy go of things, but sitting where I am at right now, I would say I succeeded.  But probably the most exciting thing I did this year to kick my fitness and activity level up a notch is to start participating in triathlons.  And as I sit here and reflect over the past year, I am sad I did not document this experience more. To try and keep this post short (ish) I put together a collage of different races I have completed in since Dec 2009. I participated in zero, zilch nada in 2010.  I have to say,  I still have a hard time recognizing that girl in the first picture.   

First Row:
The first two top pictures were Dec 2009 at the Dallas mayors  race 5k.   I completed that one in about 55 minutes.  It was my worse time ever!  The third picture was at the Heels and Hills 5 k in May 2010 with my friend Cindy who was doing the half marathon.  I think I completed that one in about 50 min.    The fourth picture was at the Freedom Run in Denton on July 4th 2012.  I had lost about 35 -40 lbs by this time.   I think my time was around 41-42 minutes.   
Second Row:  
The picture of me in front of the plane was at the Hotter than Hell Bike Rally in August 2012.   My first bike race/rally. The second picture in the  middle row is me and my p-nut in Nov 2012 at the Color in Motion 5k. That was a 35-36 min finish.   
Bottom Row:
First picture in bottom row was the Dallas Marathon min Dec 2012.  I ran the last relay leg which was about 7 miles.  My time was about 82 min 15 sec.  or 11:45 min per mile.  I was chasing that elusive 10 in front of my pace per mile all of 2012.  The second picture is me and P-nut at the Play Tri Festival in June of 2012.   I ran the run portion as part of a triathlon relay team.   I actually hit a pace with the 10 in front of it here..woo hoo.  The next picture is my at the Hula Girl Triathlon.  This was my first time participating as an individual athlete in all three events.   The fourth picture is my at the Monster Triathlon in Denton in October 2013.   I actually placed third in my division in this race.   I was hoping for a 2013 Dallas Marathon pic, but it was cancelled due to the ice storm.  The last pic is me and P-nut at the Deck the Trails 5K trail run in Dec 2013.  She ran this with me too...and she placed 2nd in her age group.   I finished in 32 minutes, not bad for my first trail run.
I had no goals in 2013, none.   I kind of floundered all year when it came to my physical fitness.   No goals = no vision.     I actually once said I would never do a triathlon (now that is funny)   In the past two years I learned I am far more capable of achieving things that are seemingly (in my eyes) really hard or impossible and I finally broke that elusive 10 min mile barrier. I have ran my last three six mile runs with average paces in the 9:50-9:56 min per mile range.  I never thought I would get there.  But with consistency I did!
With that shortish re-cap out of the way lets get on to my physical fitness goals for 2013.  I am some what reluctant to put these to paper because I feel like it could set me up for failure.  But a fellow athlete in a running group put it into perspective.  Write them down  then work towards them.  Every time you walk out the door to run (or bike or swim) you have succeeded. Then I was reminded of Proverbs 29:18:

"With no vision, the people will perish"

If I do not have goals, there is distinct possibility I will achieve nothing.  So here they are:
  • I want to run a total of 800 miles this year.  That is a little over 15 miles a week.
  • I want to bike 1500 miles this year.  That is a little over 25 miles per week.
  • I want to swim 115,000 yards this year.   That's 4500 yards over a span of 25 weeks. 
  • I want to complete a half marathon (scheduled Jan 25 2014)
  • Want to complete an ultra relay race (Ragnar Relay Scheduled Feb 20-21 2013)
  • I want to complete a Half Ironman (scheduled in April but rescheduling to Austin in Oct)
  • I want to participate in at least 12 running races (7 already scheduled and paid for)
  • I want to participate in 6 triathlons, of which at least two are the Olympic Distance
Those are my goals.  They seem really big.  But I have a plan and that is half the battle I think.  It helps I like to work out in the morning and I have a tri-club with regularly scheduled work outs.  I have an amazingly supportive husband.  And I have kids who like to run with me occasionally (or they ride next to me, or they bike water out to me on my long runs).  But most importantly I have faith.

That brings me to my last thought.   I have adopted a Bible Verse for me for this entire year.  We have some pretty big things going on in our life as a family.   The verse I chose I chose to constantly remind me my faith belongs with someone far bigger and more capable than me.  Someone who has only my best interest at heart.  Someone who can do the impossible.  The verse I choose is in my blog header.  

"Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say this mountain. 'Move from here to there,' and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

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