Sunday, April 13, 2008

Girls Weekend/Dude Stuff

This weekend was Phoenix’s weekend to celebrate her birthday with her friends. Her very best friend from Fort Myers came up for the weekend, and her best friends here came to our house for a certified girls weekend. Daddy and Griffin went to the woods to do “dude stuff” as Griffin put it.

Phoenix choose to take her friends to a little girls boutique and get their hair and makeup done, she is such a good girl, she choose orange and blue hair spray for her finished doo, GO GATORS. We then came back to the house and the girls played while the mommies talked. We made cookies and pizza and had ice cream. Mommies indulged in some Irish Coffee ( I was painfully reminded why I do not drink after that experience).

Around 8:30 daddy called on his way home, apparently Griffin was a little cold and actually started having some breathing issues so they came home to be safe. So much for “dude stuff” we made them stay in the basement so we could finish our girls night.

The girls summoned Uncle Kevin via video chat and proceeded to act like little girls being silly, not sure if Uncle Kevin knew quite what to think, but the girls had fun doing it.

They settled into mommy’s bed in front of Disney Channel while the mommies settled down on the sofa bed watching a chick flick. I think we were all up until about 1 am…and had to be up at 7 to get to church in the morning. It was an awesome night.

None of us get to do those sorts of things very often anymore. It made me really appreciate my family and the awesome friends I am blessed with. They just love me for who I am and we enjoy each other. Those sorts of friends are harder to find and make as we get older, so when you find them you really, really appreciate them!

Enjoy the pictures!

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