Monday, June 9, 2008

Griffins Birthday

Well, I am a little behind, and several people have asked me what about Griffin's birthday. So I am posting Griffins birthday pictures. We did a small celebration at home then he had a party at school with his classmates. I attempted to make a pirate cake but it was a very busy week at work and preparing for an out of town trip, so that whole Martha Stewart thing was not happening. But we tried to stick with the pirate theme as best we could, as shown in the pictures (his hair has been cut since then, man he was looking like a girl). Griffin was so excited with those cheap little trinkets. He got a rock tumbler, so we have been polishing rocks ever since (boy is that thing loud). Its hard to believe my little guy is 4. He's trying so hard to grow up on me, he is counting the days until he is seven like his sissy. But with another year came the deep seated desire to do do everything in his power to annoy and agitate his big sis. And, man he knows how to push her buttons, all of a sudden I am nothing more than a referee in my own home. Funny thing, I know God gave me kids to teach me patience, but it ain't working. I pray for patience every day, but He never gives it to me, I am impatient waiting for the answer to that prayer, along with a whole list of other things I want or think I need.

Enjoy the pictures!

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