Monday, June 9, 2008

Memorial Day

We found ourselves spending Memorial Day celebrating a coworkers 1 year anniversary up at their lease site in the mountains. Their trailer is right on Boggs Creek and the kids had a blast playing in the creek and just running around being kids. We had a really nice time relaxing and spending time with friends, Phoenix and I even tried our hand at Karaoke.

Funny, I always get the urge for a change once I've been somewhere for 3 or more years. And true to form that urge is starting to surface (we have been here 2 1/2 years), chances are we will end up somewhere else at some point (not any time soon though, gosh lets not get those rumors started), but for the first time since we have moved here I actually consider Gainesville home. For 2 1/2 years I could easily have packed things up and moved back to Florida and picked up where we left off without batting an eye. But that day driving up to the mountains to celebrate a friends anniversary I realized Gainesvlle finally feels like home, and aside from the people in Florida I have no desire to go back there. And now I have the urge to move again, go figure. My mom did that for 20 years, must have been hard to just finally get settled in only to up and move again, by necessity, unlike me who has the desire to move, guess thats the by product of being a navy brat, it just gets in your system and it is hard to shake (wonder if I will ever shake it?).

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