Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well its hard to believe its been since Memorial Day since I have had a chance to post to this blog. Since memorial day we have had vacation, fourth of July, Chris's birthday, my mom stayed with us for 6 weeks, Phoenix has spent 2 weeks at summer camp, Griffin had a camp weekend with mommy and daddy while Phoenix was gone, and finally, yes finally school started. Man, even though we as parents seem to have to be a tad bit more responsible, like having to get up every day at 5:30 am every morning so that Phoenix does not miss her 6:45 am bus (no more sleeping in for the heck of it), its somewhat of a relief to be back on a very predictable, reliable schedule. Granted with the beginning of the school year comes after school activities, which makes it seem like we are gone every night of the week between church and the two kids activities, but at least we know what is expected and when. No more slacking.

Phoenix started second grade today. We are very fortunate that her first grade teacher looped up to second grade so she has the same teacher and the same class with two more additions who happened to be in her kindergarten class. Her teacher is awesome and Phoenix is truly blessed to have her. As usual Phoenix was ready and rearing to go at 6 Am. She carefully put together the outfit she planned on wearing today (right down to matching unmentionables) and carefully laid it out the night before. She decided to take her lunch and made sure mommy had it prepared the night before to her specifications and had her backpack carefully packed. She could not wait for the bus to get here so she could see Miss Regina (her bus driver who spoils her rotten). She was our predictable happy go lucky Miss Phoenix this morning.

Griffin on the other hand. Well he did pick his clothes out the night before and seemed excited then 5:45 am arrived and well, lets just say he is not a morning person. First he wanted his hair spiked like daddy's but then decided he hated it and threw a temper tantrum because of it. Then he decided he did not want to go to pre k quite yet. Well you get the picture. He was the polar opposite of his big sissy.

So mommy picked them up after school and the roles reversed. Go figure.

This weekend we will all be participating in a 5k as a family. Mommy and Phoenix decided to run it. Daddy and Griffin will walk it, and be there for Phoenix if she decides she cannot make the full 3 miles with mommy. So wish us all all luck.

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