Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dinner table conversation and Shona's 10k

Oh six months or so ago we implemented a new “tradition” so to speak at the dinner table. Since we all come together as a family and eat dinner together after being separated from each other for 8 hours or more we started asking each other to tell the rest of us three things that happened to them throughout the day and how they felt about it. Now, we are not die hard stringent about making sure we do it every night and some weeks we do it every night and some weeks we do not. Truthfully it is sometimes hard to come up with three things that seem worth of mention. And truthfully I am not sure we have learned too much from each other for the six months or so we have been doing it, although I have to say there have been little tidbits I have gleaned from Chris. Anyways, last week the kids started doing it again, maybe since they are back in school and we are on a more regular schedule, and lo and behold I actually learned something from Phoenix I do not think I would have otherwise had the intuition to pick up on. One of her three things that happened to her was that when we went to the mail box her Highlights Magazine and National Geographic Kids magazine was not there, and had not been for months, and that made her feel sad. I had no clue she looked forward to those magazines every month, In my eyes they were just more pieces of clutter messing up her bedroom, when in reality they were something she welcomed every month with anticipation. I guess Santa is going to have to deliver those again this year for her, if she can wait that long.

So on to the 10k. The day finally arrived. My friend Audie and I had to actually run into Atlanta and pick up our race packets the day before the race. While there we decided to scope out the course…BIG BIG BIG Mistake. Granted the description described the course as challenging, and some even ventured to say it was the most difficult 10k in America, but really, how challenging could it be since it was for all intents and purposes in suburban Atlanta? Well…lets just say in 6.2 miles there were five very steep, very long inclines, with some declines, but nothing that matched the inclines, and it was not an out and back course, it was a linear start at point A and end at Point B route. The first two inclines were by far the most challenging; they were between a half-mile and a mile long each. Being the engineer I am, I am researching the grade change in for each incline cause I am curious that way and beside I feel like I deserve bragging rights. Needless to say those first two inclines we walked up. I actually found my “sweet spot” at mile 3 but was a little hesitant to push myself too hard since I have not run 6.2 miles in over eight years, and I did not want to push only to tank later on in the race, although our second half time was a lot better than our first half time. We completed the race under our goal and have something to shoot for next year. Phoenix and Griffin joined me towards the end and crossed the finish line with me. The Kenyans won. They ran it in 28 minutes (In my dreams I’m a swift and very svelte Kenyan).

Being a part of the race was an experience in itself. There were over 10,000 participants. Live bands and DJs set up along the route, spectators cheering us on, running with Olympic elite, looking forward seeing thousands of runners in front of you and looking back to see droves of runners behind you. There was also a 100k-bike race and a 10k wheelchair and inline skate race as well with all their elite participating. Pretty amazing to experience. All the proceeds benefited the World Children’s Center and apparently the event raised over 2 million dollars for the Children’s Center. Publix supplied all the food at the end of the race, trucks, and trucks of fruit, ice cream, sandwiches, you name it they had it. All free for participants and their families.

Honestly after surveying the route I considered making up an excuse to not show up, but I am glad I did not and made it. Next up (I think) is the Zooma women’s half marathon on November 18th.

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Deanna Raychel said...

Yea for running! As long as you are doing the running.