Monday, October 6, 2008

Homework 1

So...I want to spruce up my blog, so naturally I find an online class at SISTV titled Bling Out Our Blog. So I am moving into unchartered territory. See, when it comes to handling and fondling paper and creating scrapbook pages and cards...well I can handle that, but now I am moving into the electronic world and, for all intents and purposes, digital scrap booking, and well...I guess its just intimidating to me. So this class gives me homework and homework today is what we want our blog to reflect. Well, this is me after all, and by nature I am all over the board so naturally my blog will be too. I really want this to be place where I can share what is happening in my life, reflect on my feelings or what is going on around my life or my world, and yes eventually I do want it to be a place where I can share some of my creations, I have not done much of that yet. So there you have it! Keep checking in and hopefully I will try to incorporate some of these "things" I am creating my own banner...already sounds complicated to me. We will see

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kim brimhall said...

Love your Autumn writing...and I love that you are trying new things!

In photoshop I just kept punching buttons til i got it right:)