Saturday, October 18, 2008

Silver and Gold

One thing that has been the hardest for me with our relocation is making friends. One of the biggest reasons I did not want to leave Florida was because I had rooted….after all, being a Navy Brat, Fort Myers was the place I had lived the longest than anywhere else in my life. The idea of starting over and having to make friends all over again was not a very pleasant idea. I love my old friends. Everyone of them are dear to me. And maybe every time I'd meet someone new I'd compare them to an old friend, not so fair to the new person. Although I am somewhat more shy (yeah---me shy) than I used to be, I am still a very social person and really need that social interaction with other people. I crave it. Funny thing is, I had friends (although their football affiliations are a tad bit questionable…I mean LSU and Georgia..c'mon!) right in front of my face and was too blind or too or ..oh heck I do not know, but when I sat back and opened up a little bit, there they were, right in front of my face all along. People who would give me and my family the clothes off their back if we needed them. People who I can laugh and cry with, people who I can be myself with, people Chris and I both can count as friends. You know, the kind of people who you can just drop in to their house at any time and be received with warmth and love. I still miss my old friends somewhat fiercely, especially the really old ones, you know the ones from junior high, who went through that awkward,self conscious time with you, I mean, if we can manage to get through that terrible time together and still manage to be friends, you really have to love each other right? Although in this crazy disconnected world we live in does not allow me to see or hug all those old friends, everyone of you should know I love you and I miss you and you will always be an integral part of my life and of who I am. And to the new ones, I love you just as much, and am so glad we have each other to get through the good times as well as the tough times, and I have reached a point where I could never imagine leaving Northeast Georgia cause I’d have to leave you all behind. took me three years to reach that point, it is the first time I have not gotten the urge to run back to Florida when the going gets tough….and for that and for you I am grateful! I love you all!


renee said...

I can totally relate. Every time we move, I have had a hard time making friends. I miss my old friends and still talk to them. I have made a few new ones here, so that is good also.

Deanna said...

Shona you are so sweet! I am glad to call you my friend too!