Monday, October 6, 2008


Fall is definitely in the air up here in the Northeast Georgia mountains. One of the main reasons we left Florida was to move to a place that would experience some sort of seasonal change. Although we are not near the peak of leaf changing seasons the leaves are definitely starting to change. I have the distinct privilege of crossing the Lake 4 times on the way home, as I leave work each mile brings me further and further into rural Hall County away, with each mile I leave the stress and hub bub of my work day. And right now with the leaves starting to change to contrast of the red leaves against the water and the trees yet to start their annual metamorphosis is quite striking. Combine that with the cool crisp night air the wafts through our open windows at night and it's official, fall is arrived.

In Northeast Georgia there are definite annual traditions that also herald in the beginning of fall, corn mazes dot the landscape, apple picking begins, Burt's Pumpkin Patch opens up for Business, Cumming Country Fair in Forsyth County, and the list goes on an on. These traditional fall traditions are still all so new to us migrants from South Florida, where the closest thing we had to a pumpkin patch were the imported pumpkins that dotted church lawns. And a Hayride was out of the question because the heat and humidity was stills so sweltering in mid to late Ocotber.

One of my fondest memories of fall is also fairly recent. Our first fall up here. We headed on a spur of the moment whim to go driving in the mountains to look at the leaves. We stopped at way stations along the way, took little paths, found a farm where we roasted marshmallows, took a hay ride, took a train ride, etc. From there we pulled off to waterfall hunt and found several waterfalls. We stopped at Vogel State Park for a picnic lunch and more stunning views of the leaves. We drove around to Blood Mountain to where the Appalachian Train crosses the road. That is before we knew a lot of people, were involved in almost nothing, and had nothing better to do than spend time together as a family, I kind of miss those days. Now we have to block out a weekend to even consider taking a day like that now, and I think every weekend is booked between now and the end of October.


renee said...

Wow, we just left Georgia to move here. I was sooo glad to leave the traffic and stress of the city behind. Great post though!

Deanna said...

You gotta go to Mule Camp this weekend! Its a Gainesville tradition. Hope all is well! See ya Saturday

Deanna said...