Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life is an Adventure Shadow Box Frame

Welcome Welcome to my entry into the Club Scrap London Calling Blog Hop.  If you found your way from Kay's blog you are in the right place and I am so excited you are here. If you stumbled upon my accidentally do yourself a favor and start at the beginning by visiting

Sort of kinda unintentionally our house has been filling  up with bicycle decor.  I do not suppose it has anything to do with the fact that 3 out 4 in our family are triathletes, and the only exercise the other one enjoys of the three triathlete disciplines is cycling.  We have gravitated towards the vintage looking cycles EXACTLY like the one found on the London calling Art Nouveau unmounted stamp collection.   Our house has a long bay of square window  box windows int he living room that that sets itself up for a large display of just stuff, photos, inspirational plaques, a large vintage bicycle clock and a shadowbox frame.  

This really was quite simple to make.

I grabbed the following items:
  • Two pieces of some sort of cad board.  I sued the inserts that come in calendars, they are a little bit thicker than cereal boxes but not nearly as thick as book board. 
  • Coordinating paper/card stock from Club Scrap's London Calling Collection
  • A handful of baubles and embellishments
  • London Calling Art Nouveau unmounted stamp collection
  • Some sprays
  • Washi tape
  • Foam Tape
  • Pop dots
  • Club Scrap Bookbinding glue
  • Club Scrap Grid Ruler
  • Craft Knife

  1. The dimensions of my frame are 5"x6.25".  I used my Fiskars guillotine trimmer to trim both pieces of cardboard down to these dimensions. 
  2. I chose the paper I wanted on the frame and went ahead and glued that on one of th3 5" X 6.25" pieces of  cardboard using Bookbinding Glue so I would only have to cut once.
  3. this piece and measured out the frame opening.   I knew I was going to use an inside image of approximately 3" x 4" so I  marked out a 3.5" x 4.5" opening using my grid ruler and a pen.  
  4. I used my grid ruler and a sharp craft knife to trim out the frame opening. 
  5. Next I chose my background paper to cover the inside background of the shadow box frame which was just the light green card stock.  I trimmed this to 5"x6.25: and adhered to the background piece of cardboard.   
  6. I knew I wanted the saying "Life is an Adventure, Enjoy the Ride" as part of  my shadowbox frame.   My  initial thought was to have it form a frame along a 3" x 4" and stamp the circle inside.   However I have very limited digital capabilities and was  unable to make that happen but was able to use the saying to form a circle in the Iscrapbook program using the curved text feature.   I also used the Collection Font Chancery Cursive for the saying (found in the scrap rap posts always posted the first of the month).  I printed my circle out this out on cream card stock and trimmed the paper to 3"x 4" with the circle in the center.  
  7. I sprayed my printed image with green memories mist and blue glimmer mist
  8. By nothing more than some serendipity that circle text image was jsut the right size for me to punch a circle out using the only circle punch I own.  The circle punch was the perfect size to stamp the cute little bicycle image on. I adhered my punched cirlce inside of the "Life is an Adventure" image with pop dots. 
  9. Using foam tape, I placed a double layer on the outer frame to give it extra dimension (notice the washi tape, because I am a horrible craft knife cutter, I used the washi tape to hide the uneven trim job). 
  10. I turned this over and adehered it onto my background
  11. Once the frame was in place, I put some adhesive on the back of my 3"x4" image and centered it within the frame.   
  12. Now that the frame was together, I played around with the baubles until it looked blanaced to me. 
  13. And here it is on my window box with Ragnar the cat keeping watch (he has a thing for Club Scrap apparently).

 Now go visit Julie Here at Cape Cod Scrapper and see what she came up with.

Don't forget to join us next month for another blog hop!

Have a great day!


Hetty said...

This is a gorgeous shadow box, Shona!
A feast for the eye. Cheerio!

Ruby Wilkes said...

Very nice shadow box

Annette said...

Beautiful and your kitty loves it too!

Tricia Morris said...

Just beautiful, Shona! And nice work with that craft knife. I can see why Ragnar approves!

Julie said...

Super cute frame Shona, great job!

Jill P said...

I love your shadowbox.

Carolyn said...


Ink Stained Roni said...

So pretty - TFS!!

Wendy Bellino said...

I like how you incorporated items from different kits. It shows just how versatile CS kits are!

Kay Williamson said...

What an adorable shadow box that adds to your homes bicycle decor! The last pic of Ragnar & the frame, so sweet!

crzymom said...

Lovely shadow box Shona!

Donna Nuce said...

Love the shadow box you made. Ragnar is a cutie too! Have a great day!

Cheryl Gibson said...

Shona,this is pretty you did a awesome job!

Lisa D said...

Beautiful artwork. The kitty's pretty cute too!

Queen of Dishing said...

Aj says hi to Ragnar! Very cute little project. I just love how your kids are getting into the fun of athletics with you!

Karen Wyngaard said...

Great frame! I'm so glad Ragnar approves!

Classygirl said...

Shona, your shadow box turned out nicely! Great job!

Debbie Weller said...

Way cool project woman!! You are rockin' this kit!!

Sheila said...

Great job...definitely worth keeping on display for years to come..inspring work!