Sunday, March 23, 2008


Another year, in a few short days Phoenix will be 7 (count them 7) years old. Unbelievable how fast time goes. We spent our weekend doing the usual Easter Activities, we had an Easter Egg hunt and egg toss at church..check out daddy and daughter nailing those tosses. I think they make a great team, they did not win, daddy overthrew one time and the egg went rolling into the parking lot where it met it's demise. After the Easter Egg Hunt Phoenix performed in a dinner theater production of Fish Tales, very cute! Let me tell you , she had to make her statement. She was very upset she was not chosen for a solo and She told me that they picked girls you could barely hear, so she protested by singing at the top of her voice for all the songs. You could hear her above everyone! Somehow we ended up going home with four more additions to the family, two Mickey's, a Minnie and a Pluto ( I think they are lobbying for a Disney Vacation). Yep, every kid went home with two goldfish, lucky us. Thats her and Griffin with their two best friends Savannah and Montana.

We spent Easter Morning hunting Easter Baskets, at church, and having our own little hunt in the front yard. Sometimes I long for the day when we do not have to do so much for Easter and/or Christmas, but I know that means they have to grow up so I will cherish this as long as I can.

It's been the first Easter we have not had a house full here in Georgia and I kind of missed the hubbub. Never thought I would say that, as much as I like my quiet and like to be a homebody I missed having people around. Guess I get that from my mom.

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter!

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