Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, Club Scrap started the Pro Scrapbooking League a few weeks ago and I eagerly was drafted onto the red team. There are weekly challenges that are very specific and this weeks challenge is mix and match, that is to create scrapbook pages using elements from at least three different Club Scrap kits. Well, I thought it would be fun to go through some old photos and get some of those on those pages. OMG, not such a good idea. I have spent the entire week going through photos and reminiscing (weepy eyed of course) and not finished (well lets be honest, I have not even started) a page. But I ran across something interesting...almost telling...maybe a little too telling. I have no idea when I wrote it...sometime before I got married..anyway it was a list of the 100 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. I only got to 54 things at that point in my life. Now there are some of the predictable goals like:

Get Married (done)
Become a Mom (done)
Celebrate my 5th anniversarry (done)
Celebrate my 10th anniversary
Go to NYC
See the Grand Canyon
Own a home (Done)
Run a 5 K (Done)
Have a garden (did that in Florida)
Spend New Years Eve in New York
Hike the Appalachian Trail
Earn my Professional Engineering Liscense (done)

I can say of all those above I have not done, I'd still like to do. Then there were things that very obviously had to do what I was involved with at that time in my life like:

Site see at Florida Southern (not sure why thats there)
Visit Arcadia Catholic Charities (again..I am at a loss here)
Earn my Advance Toastmaster Bronze Award (yeah...I was very involved in toastmasters back then..not so much now)

And then there are the ones I probably thought I would never accomplish back then but decided to put them on there like:

Make all my Christmas Gifts (Done...did that this year..go figure!)
Teach Sunday School (did that this year too)
Leave Florida (did that too)

Out of 54 I listed I am sadly reporting I have only accomplished 10.

I think it is time to update this list, and hang it on the bulletin board so I can get busy learning how to paint, buying a motorcycle, seeing Mt Rushmoor, travelling to Australia, going to Africa, buying Gator Football Season Tickets, buying a sailboat, helping a soup kitchen, riding a train cross country, etc, etc, etc....

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