Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flashback Friday, July 16 2011

I have so few of these old pictures.  That is ok, the class I am taking (Finding Photo Freedom at Big Picture Classes) points out that rarity creates value.   Since I have so few of these photos, I will treasure these and the stories behind them even more.   And I do not know about you, but I definitely have found with the dawn of digital camera, I take way more photos than I would ever in a million years be able to get in a photo album let alone a scrapbook, which is why I am now scrutinizing every photo and purging the excess.

So I am still flashing back to the same trip as my previous post.  It is spring break 1983, my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins and Grandmother have come to visit us in Orlando.  They leave is alone while they go out.  We snap these picture.  The first one is of Me and my cousins Michelle and Amanda, the second one is of my brother and my Cousin Andrew.  Again, not the greatest pictures..but for the memories of that night it evokes.

So our parents have left us kids for the evening to do whatever it is parents do as a group of adults without kids in Orlando....and me and my brother get in this huge knock down drag out all out full physical fight (probably instigated by me being the bossy control kind of freak I was, seeing a pattern here?)  The twins were so scared, apparently they did not fight with each other or their sister like me and my brother fought.  For the longest time...I mean the longest time, whenever they would see us that night would inevitably come up in conversation, kind of sad that for most of their childhood that episode stood out in their mind.  Lots of good memories with those three though!  Every throughout Junior High and High School they came to our house for spring break, if it was not for those visits, I may have grown up not really knowing the few photos I have bring back so many the one trip My aunt was driving all of us to the back in my moms little dodge charger (wondering how all of us kids fit..yikes) when the clutch went out and me and Michelle had to wait in Howard Johnson Restaurant along I-4 while Aunt Sherry went to get it fixed.  Or the spring break Michelle and I spent together doing Epcot and spending a few days at the beach in a hotel right on the beach all by ourselves, and the look on my Aunts face when she decided to drop in for a surprise visit and saw the hotel room (it was a mess...and apparently Michelle was not a typical teenager with a messy room).  Lots of memories from those that family!

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