Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flashback Friday

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been going through all my photos and organizing them.  This process has caused some laughter and some tears.   So many many memories, some so sweet, some so so funny, some so sad.  I have loved every  minute of the process.  I am realistic enough to know it is unlikely I will be able to scrapbook all the photos/memories, but, I can still share some of the stories..on my blog...still technically a form of Scrapbooking.

I love this photo.  This is me and my cousin Shelly  the photo itself..well it is not very good, you cannot see our faces, definitely a candidate to be thrown away...but for the story behind it.

This was spring break, 7th grade, our first year in Orlando.  Shelly, my grandmother, and Shelly's family came to Orlando to go to Disneyworld, the first time for all of us.  This is the Dumbo ride, stupid little ride for 12 year olds.  Non the less, Shelly and I fought the entire ride, if you look closely she looks pretty P.Oed, and I look pretty smug, you can even see me reaching for the button which raises and lowers the elephant car.  Shelly and I fought the entire time over who was going to push that stupid button, I won.  Ohh, I so remember the look on our Nana's face and her frustration with us (well probably me).    I still happen to be a control freak (I realize this, I am forever a work in progress), and Shel, well, distance has caused us to grow apart, but I know enough, that her personality is not one of controlling, or always having to have her way, she is gracious, and kind and probably would let me push that button today (and yes my personality is one that I still would fight over pushing that damn button).

Oh what I would give for a picture of the two of us on that ride today....

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