Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Cards

Every year when I am in the midst of making Christmas Cards, I always say I am never going to make Christmas Cards again, but every year, when it is time to think about cards, I cannot bear the thought of buying cards. I guess since I cannot buy a gift for everyone I want to, a card seems like a small gift that is a little piece of me (and many times the kids, since they always get to help).

This year I ended up making two different cards, both with a snow flake theme; blame it on a new Cricut Cartridge I received which has become my all time favorite cartridge ever. I am also using up some cards I have left over from last year. And, I also have made a few more intricate cards for some special people. Those were a lot of fun to make, and seemed way to pretty to give away. But they are written in and the envelopes addressed, just awaiting pictures of the kids to include in the card.

I do not know how long I will continue to make my Christmas Cards, in the midst of making them it always seems like an added obligation during a busy season, and it always costs more than going out and buying a box, but when they are done and ready to go, I am always glad I did make them.

Love and hugs


Jane said...

you are organised,I'm sure you will do the same next year as well!!

Virginia said...

Cards are always a big dilemma but I agree with you, once they are made it's always nice to know that a little bit of your crafting is winging it's way to loved ones! Loving your pages!



Anonymous said...

i say the same thing about making my cards too...but, it really comes from the heart. your post looks fantastic.

chris said...

These cards look wonderful. You always do such a great job.

humel said...

They're lovely :-) Well done you being so organised! I've managed all my overseas ones in time for the last posting date, but I still have some way to go....