Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28 is December 28th, back to work. Life almost back to normal. We had a great Christmas. The were blessed with some awesome gifts, Phoenix received a camera, and lots of scrap booking supplies. It was a "Transformer" and "Bionicle" year for Griffin.

We actually had a white Christmas this year, however the blizzard that occured on Christmas Eve, was somewhat treacherous for us. When we got in the truck to go to work and Chris took his foot off the brake in the driveway and the truck slid out of the driveway, he said "We are going to look back on this and think to ourselves, sliding out of our driveway was the first clue we should have stayed home"! He was right. Getting to church was not so much a problem. But getting home took forever and we spent most of that time spinning our wheels in the ice. No fun whatsoever.

It appears Chris may have a job. He interviewed on the 23rd, and received an informal verbal offer. The manager said he just needed to work up pay rate and paperwork, and needed about a week to do that. So hopefully we know something by this Wednesday! We need this to happen, the timing is right, but we also know that GOD may have his own timing and we are trusting him to take care of us.

Meanwhile I returned back to work, and am ready for the new year. The halls at FEMA are awfully quiet right now, and I am ready to work. At home, I am trying to get back into a regular routine. Eating, exercise, and otherwise. I am also getting back to scrapping and crafting on a more regular basis (losing the job and relocating took my heart right out any crafting).

Do any of you have any indulgences that you seem to feed at the Holiday. I have several, first it is crafting, I see a Christmas project I like and I have to buy all the supplies to make that. THis year those added up since they included some expensive pieces of machinery. The other indulgence is any sweets co-workers happen to bring into the office, I just cannot seem to keep my hands off of them. Luckily, the candy dishes are dwindling, adn the cookie plates are empty. Next week it should be back to normal.

Some Pictures of the family over the last couple of days.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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