Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 2

It never failed in Georgia, when the dog days of summer ended and Mother Nature splashed her paint brush all over the trees up and down the mountains with every red, orange, adn gold shade imaginable, I would say to myself, nothing could be more beautiful.  But then She would cover the earth with snow, and ice, and my breath would be taken away again, so magnificent, magical and peaceful is a fresh snow covered landscaped yet to be disturbed.   And even more so when She does it for Christmas. 

This time last year we already had snow.  And Mother Nature unleashed a doozy of a blizzard on us on Christmas Eve giving my children their first ever white Christmas.   I do hope She does that again, but even if she does not, I love the cool crisp weather, allowing for the crackle of a fire pit out back, or cozying up in the family room.  I am not sure what it is, since I spent the majority of my life in a tropical climate, but there is something about cool crisp weather making it feel more like Christmas. 

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Latharia said...

Beautiful sentiment ... and I love the batik-ed looking snowflake! Perfect for tropical-type climate! :D