Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 15

I am blessed with a December Birthday, today to be exact, and I am turning 40.   And I have made sure everyone has known that, and they all responded as they should.   My coworkers decorated my cube, my husband has planned a dinner out with my friends, and even better yet, two whole days without the kids, and even though those two days will  be filled with Christmas Shopping, it is well appreciated, as it allows us to get so much done we otherwise would not get done.  The only bad thing about a December birthday is that it makes it really hard to have a get together, people are out of town, people are busy getting ready for the Holidays, it is just a busy time of  year, but regardless, I am so grateful for the time I got so spend throughout the past month with some wonderful people celebrating my 40th year walking this earth.  I am so blessed, and so thankful for all of them in my life!

A group picture from my Birthday dinner at Magic Time Machine...FUN (yep that is Pocohantas who jumped into my picture)!

Hugs and Love
Enjoy the little things.

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