Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 11

Oh Christmas Tree.  I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas trees.  I love the IDEA of a beautiful lighted Christmas Tree in my living room, where I envision me spending peaceful nights sippping coffee or cocoa when everyone else has gone to bed...YEAH RIGHT. This never happens though.  

Buying the tree and decorating the tree is such an ordeal.  Not sure why it is or if it has to be, but it seems to be in our house.   In Georgia we had started a tradition of cutting our tree down and bringing it home.  The one year we did that does hold some awesome memories, but then we moved to Texas, and the closest farm is a two hour drive.  Just not an option.  The past two years one of us adults has run to the store to pick one up, so it has not been even undertaken as a family.

Our Christmas tree style is very sentimental, all the kids ornaments they have made throughout the years are lovingly and proudly placed on the tree each year.  We try to buy an ornament every place we visit, and those too are placed lovingly and proudly on the tree.   This year, the kids actually asked about many of the ornaments we brought back from Alaska on our honeymoon, and it was fun toi reminisce about our honeymoon and share it with them.  

In the end, yes, I love the lighted, ecelctic, tree, however, those eveninngs I dream of sitting in the dark room with nothing but the Christmas Tree Lights on sipping a cup of coffee just never materialize.   I'm thinking I have to schedule that into my evenings!

Our tree this year.

 Hugs and Love.
Enjoy the little things.

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