Friday, December 31, 2010

December 25

Our kids are weird...weird I tell you.  The woke up, tried to come into our room to wake us and when they encountered a locked door the turned around and sat on the couch to wait for us.  What ever happened to banging on  your parents doors to get them up immediately to open up gifts from Santa.  We were up anyway so we padded out into the family room and the unwrapping frenzy began.  

We spent the morning unwrapping all the gifts..BB Guns, Video Cameras, American Girl Dolls, Nintendo DSI XLs, clothes, Bionicles, art kits, rocket kits and the list goes on.   Was so heartwarming to see the kids faces.  Santa really hit it this year.   

The afternoon leading up to our guests arriving was spent building rockets, shooting BB gins, talking to family, and checking  on the brisket. 

We shared dinner with one of my oldest friends and her husband and when they left, we collapsed in our beds and I for one, slept like a baby, happy and content!
All in all, a very relaxing and blessing filled day.

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