Friday, December 31, 2010

December 20

I love being surprised.   I really do..but gifts and cards that is.  But I am rarely surprised by much anymore.   But I guess that is ok.  This year, I participated in a Christmas Card Swap over at  If you love to handcraft cards and receiving handcrafted cards, I would highly recommend doing this one year.  This year I made 33 cards, sent them in and received 24 cards back (you see there were 3 groups of 11, you were required to make 11 cards for your group, making one for every participant was optional which is why I only got 24 cards back).  Anyhow, when my monthly pizza box arrived with my kit, it had another pizza box full of these absolutely beautiful cards, and all handcrafted, and although I knew they were coming I was still quite surprised to receive them.    It seems like fewer and fewer Christmas Cards arrive to the Gibson household every year, all these cards were an unexpected blessing.   Loved them!

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Cheryl said...

They look very nice!