Monday, December 27, 2010

December 17

For my Birthday I took December 16th and 17th off, and so did Chris, and for the first time that I can remember Chris and I went shopping together and finished off our Christmas awsome.  We had our list, we checked it twice, and basically caounhted every one as nice and tackled the list.   And for the most part, we got it all done, only having to go to three store for the one elusive item on our list, only to find one left at the last store went to, whew! 

My Christmas gift giving ebbs and flows, some  years I know what the perfect gift is for a certain person like the Memory Wreath I made my nana many years back,a and some years it is a struggle.   This year I think my perfect gift is a scrapbook I made for my BFF documenting our first reunited year after not seeing or talking with each other for 27 years.   I wish I had made two because I know it is the perfect gift.   But I am not always so lucky every year in finding the perfect gift for even just one person.    I just don't think it is supposed to be that hard, and I honestly think I make it that hard, especially when it comes to my parents and Chris.    I alwasy fail miserably when buying for Chris, and he always does an awesome, thoughtful job when buying for me.   One of these years, I will find him a perfect gift, it just has not happened yet.  I'm waiting for that year.

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Cheryl said...

Shona,Chris would like anything you got him because he loves you!!!!!!!!!