Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 16

So thankful for so many things and have never taken the time to just reflect on those things or write them donw.  I so often think about creating a gratitude journal but I never get aroudn to doing it.  SO rigth her right now I am going to list just a minute fractionof what I am thankful for right now.

~ My husbands hands (i say this often because they save us so much money every year) ~ Our children who bless me every day in so many ways ~my job since it keeps  a roof over our heads ~ our vehicles which allow us not only to work but also afford us so many other opportunities we otherwise would not have ~ our computer which allows us to keep in touch with so many of our friends and families ~ our phones ~ the simple pleasure and luxury of a morning cup of coffee with a little bit of cream ~  my bed ~ my parents without whom I would not be who I am today ~ the freedom to worship my God my way ~ my savior Jesus Christ who was perfect and died, so that I may live forever ~ my church family ~ our leaders in Washington, complain as we may, they still have the unenviable task of running this country and they cannot make everyone happy all the time ~ my friends who just accept me as I am (I know that is hard sometimes) ~ cousins who are like sisters ~ books which allow  me to escape to other worlds ~ the privlege of prayer ~ the means to bless our children this Christmas ~

Hugs and Love
Enjoy the little things.

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