Friday, December 31, 2010

December 24

Christmas is here.   And I wanted it to be so special and memorable, yet I had the biggest monster mom moment...I felt so bad.   However, all three of us (me and the kids) were tired, I was kind of weepy about not having any family around, they were pushing each others buttons as well as mine and I just lost it and I felt terrible.    I took a deep breath, apologized, and suggested we go watch a movie in our room in the hopes we would all fall asleep, and eventually we did, only to wake up when Chris arrived home at around 6.  Our usually tradition of attending Christmas Eve Service went out the door.  Phoenix had not been feeling good so we scrapped going to a friends house for a Christmas Eve Celebration.  I really felt we needed to regroup as a family, so we made a pizza, opened up our PJ gifts, changed into our PJs and settled in to watch a Christmas Story.  The kids went to bed around 11, and I think I did an ok of salvaging what could have been an other wise awful day....

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