Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 14th

Have you ever really thought about how your Christmas Gifts get distributed?  I actually never have!  By the time Christmas Morning rolls around we have so many gifts under the tree it is somewhat sickening.   We only allow the kids to open one gift under the tree on Christmas Eve and it is always Christmas PJs (so they look good foir Christmas Picutres the next day).  When the kids wake up Christmas Morning to the addition of Santa Gifts to the already overflowing tree an unwrapping frenzy follows.  I will say as they have gotten older, they do take turns opening their gifts.   One will grab a gift open it, then the other one will grab a gift and open it.  they are not picky as to whether they open Santa Gifts first or not, but they will pick a box intentionally if they think it is the box that has what they especially want in it and when they come across one for the adults they bring it to us, and we only open our gifts after they have opened all theirs.   We let them tear through their presents, stopping a few times during the frenzy to gather up the gift wrapping to put in a trash bag, but for the most part it is a uncrollable, unrapping frenzy, and I would not have it any other way.

A peek into the unwrapping frenzy.

Hugs and Love
Enjoy the little things.

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